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Which Biblical Heroine Are You?

Which Biblical Heroine Are You: Ruth - Loyal, sensitive, and sweet, you’ll literally do anything for your family and loved ones. You care deeply about the lives of each and every living thing around you and can sometimes get emotional over the tiniest things. Quiet, caring and nice to everyone, you're the sort of person that everyone wants to be friends with. You make the world a better place.


10 Things I Wish I'd Told My Father

10 Things I Wish I'd Told My Father—The author of the wise and wholly original "Drinking with Men: A Memoir" looks back on life with her dad, who unexpectedly passed away in 2001.

St Apollonia was an old deaconess who fell victim to the persecutions of Christians in Alexandria. As Christians fled the city, Apollonia was seized by a mob. They beat her and knocked all her teeth out. They then lit a huge fire to burn her if she did not renounce Christianity. Begging for time as though she would comply with their demands, instead she jumped into the flames herself and died without renouncing her faith. She is the patroness of dentists, and is depicted holding pincers…

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Striving to Live a Christ-centered Life: Five Reasons to Visit a Monastery

I think this characterization is off-base. It's not that the chaste are pure of the passions. The chaste experience the passions, probably more than others, yet choose to limit them to certain forms or to confine them. E.g., A passion for the flesh would be made a passion of/for the spirit. Sublimation? (As Monk Isaiah wrote to Nun Theodora: “The Holy Spirit is for everyone; but in those who are pure of the passions, who are chaste and live in stillness and silence, He reveals special…

St. Phoebe the Deaconess. In the early Chuch there were women deacons. However, they were limited to that role and were not allowed in the priesthood. The reason for the deaconesses: it was considered improper for males to be physically handling women, so deaconesses were commissioned to assist especially in baptism and chrismation. While there are no liturgically recognized female deacons in the Orthodox Church in the USA, there are some in Japan, Russia and Greece.

The Three Christian Heroines (Drei Gut Kristin), from Heroes and Heroines. At left, Saint Helena wearing the imperial crown and holding up a cross; at center, Saint Brigit holding a processional cross; at right, Saint Elisabeth with a stein. Below, three coats of arms. From a series of six woodcuts with Heroes and Heroines, each with three figures. Hans Burgkmair (German, Augsburg 1473–1531 Augsburg) Block cut by Jost de Negker (1480–1546) 1516 Woodcut; first state of three (Hollstein)