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TONE: Almost every color we see in our day-to-day world has been toned either a little or a lot. This makes for more appealing color combinations. A Tone is created by adding both White and Black which is grey. Any color that is "greyed down" is considered a Tone. Tones are somehow more pleasing to the eye. They are more complex, subtle and sophisticated.

TINT: A Tint is sometimes called a Pastel. Basically it's simply any color with white added. If you want to get a little more complicated, you can mix any of the twelve pure colors together. Then simply add any amount of white and you have created a pastel or tint of the mixture. That means you can go from an extremely pale, nearly white to a barely tinted pure hue. Artists often add a tiny touch of white to a pure pigment to give the color some body.

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Art how to paint - make tints, shades, tones and colors.

Have you decided to release your inner Monet but have no idea what the difference between tints, shades, tones and color are? Read on for a simple guide to get you understanding and underway with your painting.

printable color wheel (and printable blank color wheel we can fill in ourselves)--also links to describe tints, shades, and tones for us to use in our "color" lessons

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Birgit O’Connor’s Color Mixing Chart

Birgit O’Connor’s Color-Mixing Chart