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    TONE: Almost every color we see in our day-to-day world has been toned either a little or a lot. This makes for more appealing color combinations. A Tone is created by adding both White and Black which is grey. Any color that is "greyed down" is considered a Tone. Tones are somehow more pleasing to the eye. They are more complex, subtle and sophisticated.

    Color Basics :: HUES are the 12 purest & brightest colors forming the full spectrum ~ 3 Primary Colors; 3 Secondary Colors; 6 Tertiary Colors. A TINT (sometimes called a pastel) is any color with white added. A SHADE is any color with black added. A TONE is created by adding gray. Tones are somehow more pleasing to the eye, more complex, subtle & sophisticated. ...ღTrish W ~http:/...

    Tints, Tones, Shades poster

    Complementary Colour Ranges

    Hue, Tint and Shade on a Color Wheel

    Skin tones! 3695e50c-a-62cb3a...

    TINT: A Tint is sometimes called a Pastel. Basically it's simply any color with white added. If you want to get a little more complicated, you can mix any of the twelve pure colors together. Then simply add any amount of white and you have created a pastel or tint of the mixture. That means you can go from an extremely pale, nearly white to a barely tinted pure hue. Artists often add a tiny touch of white to a pure pigment to give the color some body.

    Color compositions/harmonies explained in an easy going way. You would have never thought it was that easy.

    The Triad Tree When teaching watercolor classes, I often see students struggle with what I consider one of the joys of watercolor. I’m referring to the joys of color mixing.

    $5 Love this temporary tattoo, think a straight mom like me can pull off a rainbow tatt????

    Watercolor Color Mixing Chart: Viridian Green and Alizarin Crimson Color Mixing Charts Photo Gallery This color chart was painted using the Printable Art Color Mixing Worksheet

    A Shade is simply any color with black added

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    How to create skin tones with watercolor Color Mixing with Children via Wonder Teacher

    Color Wheel

    What's a Hue

    This would be a nice lesson incorporating color theory and perspective

    Cool Color Chart~~ We all need this to compare each color to the other and opposite if needed

    Understanding black colours. this chart takes each, and mixes them with white.