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    Leslie Bradshaw - I agree with Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg: Women need more seats at the table. And while I appreciate the right to a seat, truthfully, not just any seat will do. Specifically, we need more seats in leadership roles at the highest levels of business, politics, technology, the media, the clergy and even controlling the world’s wealth. Brought to you by

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The reasons more women aren't in politics is because for one politics is dominated by men which destroys the confidence of these women who might think about entering into this world. Also women have the gender role of staying home and caring for the children and with this women make less money so entering this world is even harder. Disadvantages are stacked against women.

"A year's worth of rent": great #infographic from UltraViolet illustrating the wage gap between men and women, especially women of color

“Women of color are hard hit by a kind of perfect –- and perfectly devastating –- storm caused by discrimination, a struggling economy and the country’s failure to adopt family friendly workplace policies.”

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