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    • NWPC

      Wonder Clock App Tells Women When Their Biological Clocks Will Run Out- thought?

    • Osocio

      App: “The Wonder Clock” counts down women’s peak fertility.

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    LATEST ACTION on the Equal Rights Amendment in Illinois (as many of you know it's already passed the Senate and is now in the House) Rep. Robert Rita is a YES. Now at 64. And Ed Sullivan in Mundelein has just moved from NO to MAYBE...He voted 'yes' for ERA in 2003. Here is latest call link: #RatifyERA #Rally4Equality2014 #YesAllWomen

    Why spend your money where you are not respected as a person with equal rights? Boycott Hobby Lobby

    Fast Facts: Women in STEM

    Our new writer Kailey Broussard writes on #Beyonce, female empowerment, and how we can analyze the power of the world's most influential woman of color. Do you think she's a #feminist? We'd love your opinions. reasonstobebeauti...

    Science Has a Gender Problem. Science Just Made It Worse.

    31 year old pilot becomes youngest woman to circumnavigate the globe in a single engine plane

    Transgender Icon Laverne Cox Nominated for an Emmy | Human Rights Campaign

    Today is Malala Yousafzai's birthday, and she would like to see the Nigerian school girls brought home. Celebrate #MalalaDay with us and support girls' education. Thank you, Malala!

    Nationwide Protests Break Out Against Hobby Lobby (VIDEO) - Liberals Unite

    Meet the Woman Who Waged an Artistic War Against Her Street Harassers

    Culture + Politics: Why Rape Euphemisms And Myths Are Dangerous

    Let's Stop Neutralizing Men

    All mothers should be able to take a paid sick day to care for their children. We're standing with Raise Up Massachusetts as they celebrate their success in raising the minimum wage by turning their attention to another change #workingwomen desperately need: #paidsickdays!

    You'll pay for the erection but not the protection." Viagra is covered under many insurance programs that do not cover birth control. Now ask yourself why....?

    UN Women's campaign. Solid, powerful message.

    The National Review thinks that feminism is a war on men... again.

    A insightful article from the NY Times showing that a social revolution is needed to address the Gender Gap.

    A great essay by Justice Ginsburg.

    The Labor Bureau came out with new statistics. How does your state fare?

    The Wage Gap issue might be complex, but the main problem is that more women are living in poverty throughout the US.

    We all love Hillary so much, but maybe she needs to rest a little before 2016!

    There's a new women's publication out there... and they are making it their job to cater to you.

    Harvard Business School wants to improve the gender balance among those seeking tenure, but it will become difficult without extensive hiring.

    According to Forbes Magazine, women are expecting to be paid less.

    Bank of America is paying $39 million to settle pay discrimination.