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    3y Saved to Atheist!
    • Kasey McCarver

      I am not an Atheist, but I know people who have chosen not to believe, and they aren't all like this goat guy. Reminds me WAY too much of Hitler's propaganda against the Jewish people. Wow.

    • Autym Laliberte

      This is a funny way to tell kids about atheists... Maybe could've had a different approach but hey what's done is done.

    • Abra Johnson

      If you find an atheist, tell a parent or pastor! Wow, just wow. -yet another reason not to be a sheep, I'd rather be a goat

    • Croaker

      Wow. It's not hard to see why people won't listen to reason- they are brainwashed as kids to not listen to anything that disagrees with their myths.

    • stella j

      this made me laugh so hard! a church handing out leaflets warning kids not to approach grouchy old grumpy goat atheists if they discover any in their neighbourhoods, but to "TELL A PARENT OR PASTOR RIGHT AWAY!"

    • Christina Castellani

      I apologize for being such a grumpy gruff, everyone. I had no idea it was my atheism.

    • Tracy Ice

      What to do when you find an Atheist: Instructions for Christian kids!

    • Jacquline Ard

      What should you do if you find an Atheist? Funny Christian thing.

    • Cassie Simpson

      And people wonder why I'm so against religion.

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