Awww :)

Uh oh... Learn which vaccines are impeccable to keeping a healthy pet! | dogs | cats | vaccines | funny animals

this picture almost made me cry. look at him! he knows how special this moment is and he’s so happy to be there!

Get this shot at your wedding. #wedding #dog #dublindog

OMG that pitbull is SO vicious! Smh...GTFOH! Pits are the best babysitters! #pitbulllover

awww so cute

Awwww, I care.

I would die

RIP all my still hurts when I think of you.Thank you for your companionship and unconditional love.


goldens =]



Can I keep him???

Awwww! This is precious!

hahaha so true!! still fun getting ideas though.

May have already pinned it, but just to reiterate...

Dogs are true friends.

if you dont have a dog, you wouldnt understand.

We agree!

This is so true