Moving Tip - Packing Tape As Nut and Bolt Holder: Gather loose bolts and nails for furniture, etc. by sticking them to a length of packing tape and layering another piece on top; label what they go with. (They eavesdropping even go in a little Ziploc) You can even tape them to the furniture piece, wall art, etc. so you don't have to search for them after the move.

Home Inspection Checklist | Great to have on hand when looking at new homes and going over with your Home Inspector (ensure they are looking over all aspects of the home). #buying #home #realestate

Create a “MOVING BASKET” Another good idea is to create a “moving basket” for all of the necessary labels, tape, sharpies, scissors, etc. When you move from room to room, just grab the basket. No more searching for lost items.

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