Hey, girl - Yes it means a lot to me that you tore pages from my favorite books to decoupage that dresser. You thoughtful little thing!

Hey Girl...

Thanks Ryan.

gah even with glasses

Hey girl,

I keep seeing this everywhere, it's so funny. I could just hear him saying this.So...let me finish my mason jar lamp! :))

always one of these three.

thanks ryan :)

hey girl

@Haley Cypert Ignore the actual husky at the bottom.

These are so funny - there is one for everyone

"Ryan....you always know just what to say." Haha that was the comment someone else posted and I couldn't delete it... It's the perfect description of "hey girl" haha OMG THIS IS SO ME!

hey girl

hey girl...


work that camera

handmade ryan gosling

right?? :D