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    • Brittney Hogan

      "Hey honey, tonight...I want you to do that thing where you do a handstand over me, kiss me, and try not to throw up on my face" - cause people really do this.

    • Maria Boolos

      I don't understand this picture. Why is she in a handstand??? "Hey my boyfriend's laying on my bed, I think I'll do a handstand over him and kiss him!" WTF????? And who takes these pictures? Because I LOVE photographing strangers kissing in really weird ways... I just don't understand...

    • Diane Tisseur | Photographer

      Couple - Black and White Photography - Kiss - Kissing -- Quite an original way to kiss. :-)

    • Anna Guarino

      *Handstand kiss* haha! I don't think this is a very good idea... what about breathing!!!??

    • Taylor Morgan

      lol okay so Wynter & Emma don't kiss like ever but this is just their relationship

    • Kacy Summers

      black and white photography #kiss #couple

    • 🌱Little Red🌻

      yoga kiss - hmmm....LOL Give me ideas...

    • Kelly Macie

      Couple ! Yoga handstand goal ;)

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    Hmmm...well fuck you to then perfect sexy fit yoga doing couple. Im just going to sit here and eat cake and pinterest while my boyfriend plays xbox.

    just a kiss




    Can I just have a relationship like this please?


    This is sexy.

    literally the cutest thing when you're looking out the window and he grabs your hand :')

    I wanna look like you!

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    Sooo wouldnt mind a pic like this on my nightstand.

    And then she lands right on him... I really need to stop making fun of these pictures and get a life. (Only repined for the comment!)

    Training core while giving kisses


    Couple's yoga! How cute :)

    Good morning my lovely darling Rachel... Tonight I held you curled up with me, softly stroking your hair, listening to your pulse and kissing your eyelids as we shared a dream with the moon... Have a fine day, honey! Chase it down, seize all the love and life and laughter that you can and run like the wind! :-* <3 <3 :-* Be seeing you... ;-)

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