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mama and baby

In my efforts to learn to read, my mother shared fully my ambition and sympathized with me and aided mien every way she could. If I have done anything in life worth attention, I feel sure that I inherited the disposition from my mother.

Cow Tastes the World

but why is this sweet baby living in a plastic doghouse, chewing on a metal rail instead of in a pasture nursing on mama and testing out grass.breaks my heart.

✖ our brains are sick but thats okay ✖  @livylane

♥ ~ ♥ Cattle ♥ ~ ♥ Highland calf getting a highland bath from his highland mama.

Cow and calves

Cow Family - lovely to pass and see many of them grazing in the pasture…

La Creación Perfecta

Precious farmgirl and her bovine friend.Heaven DOES visit earth in moments like this. Cow and young girl