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scotchsoda menswear love this parka

Character inspiration #writing #nanowrimo #face


Black Cut-Out Dress


this is such a nice outfit! Why can't I find anything in my size? :(( I want to live in a world where small people aren't forced to wear clothes that don't fit them and look terrible!

by Rahi Rezvani - Character inspiration #writing #nanowrimo #face (GBN Char??)

During It snows, Camron doesn't have many parts were he full out dancing, he usually walks and sits around looking at his Camera. I think because Camron doesn't dance much that the way he sits or stands should be very interesting. I choses this picture because I felt it related to Camron by looking at the floor, sitting down and not caring. I think Camron should do more poses like this because it differently shows his character off more.

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My name's Tabby. I'm seven. I know I'm young but I can ma.... Ma.... Manipulate? People. Yeah. Manipulate. My parents took me here. I stay close to Perry most of the time. She's like my big sister. But I'm nervous around other people...

Dominik Sadoch in “Shareef Airstream” Photographed by Kojima Yohei and Styled by…