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full 50 minute zumba class online! Just did it, so much fun

One hour of zumba videos 18 songs total...play one after another for complete workout

I love this one, Zumba with Amber (Boom Boom Pow by Blackeyed Peas)

30 minute zumba workout

Zumba 1 Hour Class with Kardio Kim!

"Dance Again" (J-Lo & Pitbull) Zumba routine - really into this song at the moment

The hardest 8 minute arm exercise with trainer to the stars Tracy Anderson! She promises the "tiniest arms with great definition.

45 minute zumba video.

best zumba team to work out to at home.

Lose Weight and Get Fit Doing Zumba at Home with Free Full-Length Zumba Videos!

Excellent at home workout video series! (Zumba with Amber - Tik Tok Kesha feat. P Diddy) ... Many more as well

▶ Zumba- Moves like Jagger - YouTube

"Burlesque" Zumba routine - Zumba + show tunes = FABULOUS.

This website is chalk full of strenuous calorie burning workouts all under 20 minutes. Great at-home workouts

New favorite Zumba video! Did it 3 times already today!

"Zumba videos on YouTube. This girl's routines are so much fun. I WANT to do these every night!"

10-Minute Full-Body Crossfit Workout

50 min routine!! Get ready to sweat

Calabria Zumba

A zumba class with a lot of energy!! Full 25 minute class!

10 min Intense Full-Body CrossFit Workout. (its only 4 moves! but they kill.)