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  • Charlotte Husband

    sister tattoo or best friends tattoo - To infinity and beyond

  • Casey Neth

    Cute Sister Tattoo ~ To Infinity & Beyond........My sisters and I have matching tattoos :) @Kori

  • Jade Crabtree

    74 Matching Tattoo Ideas To Share With Someone You Love... Even if I could find someone who would ever do this with me, I don't know if I'm really a tattoo person. I just love this though.

  • Samantha Jones

    sister tattoo - To infinity and beyond.. bestfriend tattoo.

  • Lexi Martin

    #bestfriends #matchingtattoos #toinfinityandbeyond

  • Lyndsey Dean

    74 Matching Tattoo Ideas To Share With Someone You Love - To Infinity and Beyond :D

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Infinity Cross.... i really think my bestfriend Dakota Stuart Davis should get this as a tat... it fits her perfectly... but i have no idea where to put it dear ......

This would be a cute sister/bestfriend tattoo. ♥

"Holding on too long is just a fear of what's to show because not everything that goes around Comes back around, you know, one thing that is clear It's all down the hill From here." -Queens of the Stone Age

Bestfriend tattoo. Cross tattoo. Black and white. Neck tattoo. Girls.

Absolutely love this! In memory of my bestfriends Levi and Christina and to my grandparents♥

This is a cute bestfriend tattoo. Maybe with small initials in the heart. Love tiny inconspicuous behind the ear tats

I would get this but have it also say, "I carry your heart with me, I carry it in my heart, I am never with out it"

Be prepared the day of. | 25 Things You Should Know Before Getting Your Next Tattoo

Me and my bestfriend got the same tiny heart as a reminder to love ourselves, each other and our family no matter what. Done at ‘Deep Cut’, Reutlingen, Germany.

Beautiful bird tattoo! I love this one, esp the placement and size! CLICK THE PIC and Learn how you can EARN MONEY while still having fun on Pinterest

Sister Tattoo @chelseamichelebutts