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This is simply the best toy that has ever come into our home.   It's a sensory delight  It allows for completely open-ended play  It fits i...

Cant wait to get this made! Bumble & Bean: DIY Farmhouse Sand and Water Table (we made this last weekend and it is awesome, but do adjust the measurements to fit the specific size of bins;

Top 5 essential ingredients for sensory play tubs

sensory tub ideas

Top 5 essential ingredients for sensory play tubs-sounds really simple. Always been a bit scared of sensory boxes-like the idea of one with water.

Sensory activities ideas to use throughout the day to meet your child's physical needs - helps with alertness and attention span.

Sensory Diets explained perfectly for parents. Excellent site for kids with sensory processing issues - Activities divided for different ages

Using Instant Sno in a  sand & water table.

This is another fun spin on the snow-in-water-table idea. By putting penguins, seals, and whales in the water (snow) table, you are able to recreate what looks like Antarctica. This is also a wonderful extension if learning about penguins as well.