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Are you saying that I can fly? I say you are free! - Bach Giving children a chance to play without adultagenda. @AngeliqueFelixcom

Old-Fashioned Play Builds Serious Skills

This story talks all about the evolution of play and how it affects the self-regulation of our children today.

The Rise of Homeschooling

Almost made me cry. I was home schooled for the same reasons. It's so satisfying to here it from someone else!

The Danger of Keeping Kids TOO Safe, byt @NotJustCute. More evidence for why kids need unstructured, social play (and better, scarier, playgrounds).

"the infamous “shaving cream” article", ms. lisa's musings and mayhems . Ever been told "we aren't allowed to use shaving cream"? Here's the lowdown on why those people are wrong. The article is US-based, but it's equally true for Australia, and probably for most of the world. The article is also excellent for it's attention to working out how to challenge other insane rules. Originally Pinned by Alec Duncan of