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HeHe!!! This made me laugh out loud!! Stephanie DuCharme MaysAmie JacksonStacia WarnekeKristina - Modern Frills

Should've done this today, lol... cuz of coooourse the ex has to text me today, considering it's valentine's day :P

This guy handles prank texts like a pro // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures

The Mantis Prays. I feel like this would be a text between us Michelle Langley lol

Omg I just laughed so hard I'm crying!! Love the one where the aunt dies!!! Too funny!

Spelling, the thing that no one seems to know anymore. :)

This was probably funnier to me than it should be!

My dog, aka Isabel, would totally have this conversation with me via text...if she had thumbs with which she could type lol ;) She totally thinks she's Batdog!

Some days, I wish I could explain how much more awesome I once was than the young dummies I encounter today think they are...