Charts for science writing- good for overlapping subjects science/writing common core

What Scientists Do for Kindergarten Science

Science anchor chart

cute plant unit visual

Anchor Chart for Reading is Thinking!

FGreat chart to use to tackle the SCIENTIFIC METHOD with primary students. This anchor chart explains the steps scientists use. It incorporates WHOLE BRAIN teaching when explaining these steps to students. Unfamiliar words like HYPOTHESIS can be very tricky to say, let alone understand.

Frames for anchor charts

Science anchor chart for observation sheet.

first grade parade


anchor charts for reading writing math and more

veterans day activity

Matter song

nonfiction books

Write Like a Scientist anchor chart

What a cute idea! So doing this for next year

five senses anchor chart

Anchor Charts

fluency anchor chart

some really good info here!! This concept is so tough for kids. It is a great chart to add to a mini-lesson next year.