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Baby Pine Marten by pwtphotography (nathan)

Lil seal pup...

pine marten

Newfoundland Pine Marten

Baby Wolf


baby fennec fox; would love to kiss on that little face

A Pine Marten.

otter babies

Twin Giraffe Calves.


✭ A Herbivorous Viscacha and Her Baby

otter baby

Baby ocelot

A baby stoat...W-h-o-o-o-h could resist??? S-O-O-O-O adorable. I think they're in the same family with weasels, minks and ferrets...it may be a baby Pine Marten

tiny baby bats

Makes you say.........aaawwwhhhhh

help save the elephants so this little one gets to stay with his/her mom. She's vulnerable to poachers.