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Marshmallow Measurement is a yummy and fun way for your kiddos to explore nonstandard measurement! Provide students with mini and regular size mars...

Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational: Teaspoons, Tablespoons, Cups, & Gallons

my babies would have loved this during our length study! Saving this for next year... Measuring length using gummy worms.

So glad I found a recording sheet for my lesson! One less thing I will have to make!

FREEBIE: Valentine Measurement Math Center >> Measuring Valentine objects using a heart ruler (non standard units of measurement)

This file includes benchmark pictures and words for students to be able to estimate and visulize units of measurement (capacity and weight are cust...

How To Integrate Nursery Rhymes Into Your Classroom Lessons

Recommended: K-2 This math game practices adding three numbers together. Directions: Roll 3 dice. Add the numbers together. Cover the sum on the game board. I also like to make black & white copies, let the students partner up and they COLOR IN the sums. Early finishers can finish coloring the picture.

Mustachy Measurement -how fun is this?! From Mrs Wheeler

Christmas Activities Reindeer Edition. Reindeer activities for the Christmas season. {Free download.}