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Ariel Eric

Ariel And Eric Tattoo

Ariel Arieltattoo

Tattooed Ariel

Prince Eric

Ariel Prince


Disneyprincess Ariel


Little Mermaid tattoo #female #tattoo

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Ariel tattoo @Nikki

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No Ariel inside. Just the frame. Because it's GORGEOUS. Replace Ariel with just a regular ol' mermaid-- I hate the idea of something so well-known on me.

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if i had sleeve tattoos... they would probably look very similar to this.

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Wouldnt get it but amazing they can do that


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If anything ever happened to my mom I would get this as a tattoo because the little mermaid is my favorite Disney movie and she loves to hear me sing this song. She will always be part of my world and I know I'll always be hers!

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little mermaid tattoo

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Oooo this would be a pretty pinup tattoo...definitely a tattoo idea for the future

Health & Beautyfrom Health & Beauty

Mermaid tattoo

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Mermaid#tattoo design #tattoo #tattoo patterns|



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Artist: Tim Kern of Tribulation Tattoo Model: Toni Moore #ink #tattoo

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I wouldn't mind getting a few mermaid scales on my hip/butt/leg area.... I think it would be an awesome tattoo! :) But more delicate I think... too bad they don't have glittered tattoo ink!

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Ariel Flounder

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Ariel Gifts for Teen Girls: Disney The Little Mermaid with Flounder and Sebastian Temporary Tattoos (set of 2) by Geek Tat @ Etsy

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Mermaid / Ocean Tattoo by Daniel Rocha of Seven Tattoo Shop, Las Vegas

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The little mermaid tattoo

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Ariel and Flounder #Disney Tattoo

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30 Amazing Mermaid Tattoo designs For Men and Women, I'm not looking to get a mermaid tattoo, but these are gorgeous!

Swahili Symbol

Symbol For Hakuna Matata

Disney Tattoo Hakuna Matata

Swahili Tattoo

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Matata African

168 168


Swahili symbol for Hakuna Matata. I want it as a tattoo!!!

Larose Louisiana

Glass Style

Sting Tattoo

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Tattoo Mermaid

Harry Potter Mermaid Tattoo

Geometric Mermaid Tattoo

Unique Harry Potter Tattoo

Mermaids Tattoo

Derek Matherne at Southern Sting Tattoo Parlor in Larose, Louisiana.