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  • Rebecca Weiss

    Patch the brave heart lion - book for CHD kids

  • Jennifer Kehoe

    A beautiful childrens book to help support children touched by a special journey.


    Children’s picture book created to help support children with congenital heart defects. Written and illustrated by two heart kid mums, it is an excellent vehicle to promote discussion about emotions and challenges associated with feeling different, hospital procedures and family love.

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Patch the Heart Lion Foundation

Every 1 out of 100 babies is born with some form of Congenital Heart Disease. CHDs are the leading cause of death in children under age one — more than all childhood cancers combined.

chd lion | Posted by Katrina Whelen on October 21, 2012 in Sunday Arts

Saddens me that this is my son's future. So wish I could trade places with him!

CHD's affect 1 in 100 Congenital heart defect awareness #CHD awareness for Brylee ♥

CHD awareness....In memory of Maci Mae Humphreys.....Never knew how important this was until you live face to face with someone that was taken away from you.

I love you Rylan Craig! My super hero!

Losing some of your most special people will test your strength no doubt.

Lion babies, sorry, couldn't resist Heidi Wilson!

I'm proud to be a HEART MOM Lenora has been through so much. She did get a heart transplant. "Yep, that's me. I could not be more proud of my hero, Alexis, HLHS, Heart Transplant."

Kid's CHD t-shirt Payton was born with an ostium primum atrial septal defect, ostium secundum atrial septal defect, and a cleft mitral valve.