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How to Read Music Easily By Combining Bass and Treble Clefs

How to Read Music Easily By Combining Bass and Treble Clefs - this is similar to what I am teaching now, but I use the phrases FACE and GBD and make sure the students understands the F and G clef landmarks as well as 4th leger line down is F and the final line in treble is F. It's amazing how much easier it is to remember than all those acronyms! Space notes use the same phrases, FACE and GBD, you just need to figure out where the start using the line notes.

I learned theory with this...The Circle of Fifths - A Great Tool for Learning Music Theory This website has a great explanation of how to use it!

27 Interesting Classical Music Facts [Infographic]

Intermediate Music Theory - You Can Understand Music Today Discover a whole new universe behind the music you are performing in a systematic and practical way.

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25+ {free} Apps for Learning Music

25+ free Apps for Learning Music -

So La Mi: Teaching Elementary Music: How to take care of your voice. Some great tips for our little aspiring vocalists!

Identifying piano notes on sheet music and the piano keyboard! (1/5/2014) Education: Homeschool (CTS)


Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Sheet Music for Kids

Let's Play Music : Free Sheet Music for Beginners & Lesson Plan for Teaching Kids Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

True story! Best advice I've ever gotten was "I'd rather you play loud and miss a note than play it quietly and get it right."