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The ghost city of Chernobyl: Eerie pictures that show abandoned disaster zone as world marks 25 years since worst nuclear meltdown in history

Urban Exploration - Chernobyl

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Haunting Photos Of Abandoned Cities Around The World

Pripyat, Ukraine Site of the infamous Chernobyl incident, the entire city had to be abandoned in 1986 due to nuclear radiation.

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Stunning Photos Of Chernobyl 25 Years Later

Chernobyl: 26 Years After The Nuclear Disaster

The Ferris Wheel sits rusting in the amusement park that was scheduled to open the day after the Chernobyl accident. Abandoned residential apartments stand in the background.

Bumper car ride in the amusement park in central Pripyat, it was to be opened on the May 1st celebrations of 1986, five days after the accident. (Image credits:hanszinsli via: BoredPanda)

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10 Most Amazing Ghost Towns


BANNERMAN'S CASTLE is without a doubt the Hudson Valley's most renowned ruin. It is widely known and often written about. Bannerman's is the perfect ruin, right down to its location-- on Pollepel (or Polopel) Island, which is fabled for eerie happenings going back to the 1600's. The island is owned by the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, and is closed to the public. THE CASTLE was built in 1908 by Francis Bannerman to house his private arsenal. By…

Pripyat, Ukraine. The entire city was abandoned back in 1986 cause of a neculare problem. So all the buildings are still standing, everything was just left. I want to go here some day. Poputation before accident was 50,000


I'm Warning You. Avoid These 20 Places At All Costs... #7 Is Straight From My Nightmares.

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