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The Giving Tree Print - and she loved a little boy very very much - even more than she loved herself - by kardzkouture - $15.00

I am lucky enough to have two of them. They have become extraordinary, young men that I am very proud of -- but there were many days when I wondered how much I could get for them in a yard sale!

Love this, going to go home and do it to one of my pics :)

"As a mom, I've reached the stage where I'm more focused on raising the husband I want my son to become, rather than the little boy I want him to stay." www.jennysulpizio...

$7 Ceramic Wall Plaque. Can also customize them too :)

This breed is fantastic. Like any other dog, pits must be trained and socialized-- don't judge a book by its cover-- you may just meet a sweetheart that happens to be a pit bull.

Police Respond to Vicious Dog in Baltimore City - I love this story!!!

Richard dawkins, this is why I read your books