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Matilda Rose is an adorable cow who loves to kiss. One day, however, something goes horribly wrong. She loses her kisses just before her daddy is going to come home. Matilda goes on a hysterical and thoughtful search to find her kisses. Full color.

Ever feel like you need a hug, a really big hug from someone? That's how Felipe the young cactus feels, but his family just isn't the touchy-feely kind. Cactuses can be quite prickly sometimes you know . . . and so can Felipe. But he'll be darned if this one pointy issue will hold him back, so one day Felipe sets off on his own to find a friend and just maybe, that long awaited hug.

What I love about this book is that two boys booed. That our main character was nervous and struggled and overcame his nervousness to triumph! But still, two kids booed. Because that is life.

Spaghetti in A Hot Dog Bun: Having the Courage to Be Who You Are

When Rupert finds a golden egg, he takes it home to show to Mum and Dad. Then suddenly, Tap! Tap! Crack! out hatches a baby fire dragon! But soon Crumpet the dragon starts to grow. And as he grows, he gets ... HOTTER!

A bear with a secret admirer who leaves sweet, crunchy treats outside his cave each night tries to repay the kindness with honey, but comes to find out that his new friend is smaller, cuter, and fonder of carrots than any bear.

Maisy is baking goodies for Valentine's Day, but she needs the help of her fans to find the ingredients, put on her apron, pass around presents, and even go on a special train ride with her friends. Includes 40 stickers. Full color. Consumable.

When a new girl comes to Andy's school, a jealous Dolores thinks he's in love--but Andy's thoughts are on a companion of the four-legged kind. In his fourth engaging adventure, Andy Shane learns about the delicate balance of old friends and new, and the special joy of bringing home a dog of his own. Illustrations.

In a perfect book for Valentine's Day, Eloise tells readers all the things she loves, from the Plaza Hotel's room service to Weenie's whiskers and the bows on Skipperdee. Ages 3 .

Isabel loves Jasper, and it's making life complicated. He just wants to play knights and dragons with Ori and Leon, but Isabel makes him play babies and tries to set up their wedding. The only good thing about Isabel is the trampoline at her house. But will the highs of their trampoline playdates be enough to cure Jasper's girl-itis

Everyone needs kisses. But when you are a sleepy Little Lion Cub, the only kiss that's just right is a huge great Big Golden Lion kiss - just like this!

Perfect for girls who love tiaras, ballgowns, and happy endings----but also sports, silly jokes, and being different. Featuring the work of seven writers and three illustrators, this anthology of