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      Glass half full? Glass half empty? #optimist #pessimist #full #empty #inspiration #funny #witty #quote

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    • Emily Jenkins

      When I was a kid my teacher asked the class if we thought the glass was half full or half empty. I answered that it was completely full. My thought was that just because you see only one substance doesn't mean it's only half full. The stuff you don't see matters, too. My teacher didn't know what to say. I love this picture to describe how I view things.

    • Gina Geralyn

      Life is short and it is too short to think of the glass as half empty. I try to be posative and look at my glass half full all the time.

    • Kathleen Lannes

      I attended a speaker a few months ago and he had a very interesting thought. He asked if you look at the world as a glass half full or a glass half empty? Well have you ever just thought about getting a smaller glass??

    • ❀ Lisa ❀

      I love love that. I always thought the question wasn't right when they asked if half full or half empty. To me, half implied action. So half full means you were pouring a glass and stopped. Half empty? It was full, you drank some and didn't finish it. No psychological negative thinking thing if you say it's half empty. :D However, I will never think of this problem with either typical answer, or just my answer again. Now I will have to include this as well!

    • Abigail Wartella

      Optimism was a way of life for Joseph. He always believed the glass was half full.

    • Alana Ra

      i always say "life's glass is half full" :) optimism

    • Dawna Martin

      The truth about the glass!

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