In Focus - Afghanistan: May 2012 - The Atlantic ~ U.S. Army Capt. Dan Berschinski stands on field before a game between the St. Louis Cardinals & Atlanta Braves 5/28/12. Berschinski lost both legs to an IED blast while serving in Afghanistan in 2009.

Marine Lance Cpl. Brandon Long, who was injured losing both legs while serving in Afghanistan, mourns at Arlington National Cemetery as American flags are placed in front of each headstone in preparation for Memorial Day, in Arlington, Virginia, on Thursday, May 26, 2011.

US Soldier

Marine Cpl. Todd Nicely walks with Actor Gary Sinese. Nicely and his family have moved into a "smart home" in Lake Ozark, MO. built for his physical needs that allows him independence after (during his tour of duty in Afghanistan in 2012) being injured when he stepped on an explosive device that ripped off his hands and lower legs. Money was raised partially by a concert given by actor Gary Sinise's band to build the house. (credit courtesy of Chris Kuban)

US Navy sailor wounded in Afghanistan

“A True Hero” Senior Airman Mike Malarsie, USAF, is a tactical air control party (TACP) specialist. He was hit by a roadside bomb while he, one other TACP and 11 Army soldiers were on foot patrol near Kandahar, Afghanistan, January 3, 2010. The blast shattered his jaw, broke his nose, caused multiple lacerations to his face and neck, and caused the eventual loss of his eyesight.competitive.”

Travis Mills...American Soldier who lost 4 limbs in Afghanistan returns home to hero's welcome

Never, never, never quit! ~Winston Churchill Bo Reichenbach is an active duty US Navy SEAL injured in Afghanistan, and an elite Never Quit Challenge operator on Team Spartan.

The beautiful face of courage: Lance Cpl. William Kyle Carpenter USMC Carpenter, 21, of Gilbert lost the eye, most of his teeth and use of his right arm from a grenade blast Nov. 21 near Marjah, Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Friends and family say he threw himself in front of the grenade to protect his best friend in Afghanistan, Cpl. Nick Eufrazio. What a HERO!!

Awareness of U.S. Military War Statistics 2013

Run For a Brother by United States Marine Corps Official Page, via Flickr

Heartwarming Photo of Wife Carrying Double-Amputee Marine Husband Goes Viral | ABC News

This is Liam and Theo....they were killed together last year in Afghanistan....they are being buried in the same casket ...lets not forget that this is going on every day.

Ben Parkinson, the most seriously wounded soldier to survive the war in Afghanistan, carrying Olympic torch

A small puppy wandered up to U.S. Marines from Alpha Company, 1st Battalion 6th Marines, in Marjah, Afghanistan. After following the Marines numorous miles, a soft hearted Marine picked the puppy up and carried the puppy in his drop pouch. (Official U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl Charles T. Mabry II)

New Generation: "The X2 and X3 evolved from the C-leg, which uses hydraulic cylinders to control the flexing of the knee." Funded by the Telemedicine Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC), part of the U.S. Army Medical Research Materiel Command (USAMRMC), at Ft. Detrick, in Frederick, MD. DoD says amputations reached wartime high - Army News | News from Afghanistan Iraq - Army Times

Standing up for America

I Stand Behind Those Who Stand For Me

Thank you for serving!

LOVE this. Thanks to all who serve.

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