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  • Maggie Goulette

    anti bullying quotes | Share

  • Kayla Calvin

    Repost this! Stand up for people, no matter what has happens with that person and you before. Help them. You would want them to help you, right? Because one way or another, they'll appreciate it and you, no matter how they show it. They love you for what you do to help them. Be that person who makes a difference! Help safe inisont people being bullied right now. Don't let they're looks and popularity levels or personal life keep you from helping, love and like people for whom they are! Believe

  • Dean Winchester

    <3 This is SOOO frekin true, so many people judge with out thinking. Its called selfishness. They dont think that maybe that person has something going on in their life that is so much worse taht you could imagine. What you should do is sit down with them, and talk to them, be their friend. Stick up for them and be the bigger person. If your friends are picking on them and you stand up to them, they will be shocked adn think twice. Be the better person and STOP THE BULLYING!!!! -Bryonah

  • Raschelle Cox

    Its the truth. People don't think about what the person they are bullying are going through.

  • Sabrina

    #stop #bullying quotes

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