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  • Johanna León

    Eye Liner inspiration love cats eye look - you'll go crazy for this inspiring poster! soooo many variations to try out :) God I love make-up! #cateyes #eyeliner #makeup #eyes

  • Ashley Caruso

    Cat eye makeup ideas

  • Ксения Кирш

    #eye #liner #eyeliner #eyes #eyeballs #make #up #makeup #brow #brows #style #mood #beauty #beautiful

  • ☆ Florence ☆

    Make Up ☺ The Hair Hall of Fame - how many cool eyeliner styles!

  • Ashley Allen

    :: the cat eye :: I would only do a handful of these (the classics) but it's neat for ideas. The rest are....just....yea no. :) #cateye #eyeliner #makeup #eyemakeup

  • Marinelle Bob

    40 eye makeup ideas inspiration, for more art work from this beautiful girl visit her facebook page - Naida Make Up & Artwork!

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Double Eye Liner- Line eyes with an angled brush, using Amethyst ShadowSense. Line over that with Black EyeSense!

There are so many ways to do your (i prefer liquid) liner that I think the false individual lashes should not be used as much as it is used now a days. Save your natural lashes from being damaged by the constant use of false lashes. Instead refine your eye lining techniques and watch the difference!

This is what I used to do. Use colored eye liner or eye shadow, sometimes even rainbow, and create the thicker liner you always kind of like with actual color. But, I recommend a smaller line of black (like top right) for accent even when you're using the color as the liner. Think of it as layers or an outline of the colors.

Doutzen Kroes | model | 50 | fashion | glamor | eyes | makeup | bw | ram2013

Eye liner! I wish I knew how to do these for prom.

SO many girl ask me how to do this. I start in the middle, making small strokes out, then make a line up to the end of my brow and bring it back down, making a tiny triangle. Fill in the tiny triangle and then make little strokes in and then from the inner corner to the middle so its all smoothed out.

Graphic eyeliner- majorly MOD! Try Stila's All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner and Glamour Eyes Mascara, available at Camera Ready Cosmetics!

How To Do Winged Eyeliner or Cat-Eye Liner | Great step by step tutorial to get this eye makeup. #youresopretty

Eyeliner. Notice how there's a hint of blue on her lower lids...and she has blue eyes. Traditionally you go opposite in eye makeup colors (blue eyes get neutral colors, brown gets jewel tones), but I have blue eyes and do this on occasion. It really makes them pop!

7 Black Eyeliners Makeup Artists Can’t Live Without. Yes!! Liquid, Gel, Precise and Bold are my Favorites