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  • Caitlin Campbell

    haha bad mistakes make funny tattoos

  • Online CDL School

    Shit happens, I would love a tattoo like this.. :L #ink #Tattoo #Art

  • Olivia Warren

    Shit happens, I would love a tattoo like this.. :L This is why you don't tattoo people's names on yourself.and that dude loved me to get his named tattooed on him jk jk

  • Nesreen Qubrosi

    LOL: Gotta love couple tattoos!

  • Wilma Roberts

    Sometimes this is better than a large dark coverup I guess.

  • Kenzie Blacklock

    Although I would never get a significant others name tattooed on my body, this would be the way to fix it. Much cheaper than getting it lasered or even a cover up tattoo.

  • Hannah Cobb

    This is what's going to happen after our best friend tattoos.

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