Stone Arch Bridge, Minneapolis

'Reflection' At the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis, USA by Nattapol

9) Old stone bridge - Shaharah bridge, Yemen - a limestone arch bridge, constructed in the 17th century by a local lord to connect two villages across a deep gorge

Sakuragawa River, Japan


six different types of bridges: beam, arch, suspension, cable-stayed, truss, and cantilever

Forth Bridge Scotland Cantilever. One of the worlds most recognisable and iconic bridges.

The Stone Arch Bridge Minneapolis

The lower bridge is the original bridge from 300 years ago. The higher one was built one hundred years later ~ Perth and Kinross, Scotland

Stone Arch Bridge, Minneapolis

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With over 2,000 arches and rock formations to travel, Arches National Park is an outdoors enthusiast’s Garden of Eden.


High Trestle Trail Bridge: Arching over the decking are 43 steel "cribbings," each lined with blue LED strips that come on at night—creating a must-see journey along the trail after dark. Walk through them, and you are bathed in the fluorescent glow; ride through them at 10 mph, and the lights spiral and blur together as though you're plunging deep into a mine or firing into warp drive.


✮ Stone Arch Bridge Over Troubled Waters


bluepueblo: Ancient Bridge, Kromlau, Germany photo via barb - Things She Loves