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Harry Potter+Lion King=WIN!

HAHAHA Be Prepared (Lion King)/Harry Potter crossover. I love the internet. Two of my favorites.

I have never read & never intend to read Twilight, but I can still laugh at this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:P

Another reason why Harry Potter is Better than Twilight. Whenever I see things saying Twilight is better than Harry Potter, it seems as if they get more and more pathetic. Just like the Twilight fans.

Its funny because its true.

molly weasley crochet sweater Examples of Crochet in TV and Movies

I have never seen anything so beautiful

Hahahaha This is to funny

Why so Sirius? So Raise your glass if you are Ron. Pink's Raise your glass- Harry Potter style

Helena Bonham Carter on parenting.. Yes.. this.. just this.. BEST Parent ever!

Helena Bonham Carter, parenting done right… I love her and her wand.

Mr. Weasly and the google

27 Pictures Only "Harry Potter" Fans Will Think Are Funny

the best ending to a book i have ever seen :)

Sometimes i wish i had godfather who was an escaped prisoner of Azkaban just so i could use that line of Harrys as an excuse to scare people into leaving me alone and giving me what i want. he'd have to be a wizard of course