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    • Scrubs Giant

      Nursing students learning from a projector in 1972. This photo is from the Middlewood Hospital in Sheffield, UK

    • Lanie MT

      In the early 1970s students attending training Middlewood Hospital Sheffield

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    First formal training for nurses was established in In the late nineteenth century. Before that, the nurse skills was pass down by female relatives and neighbours through both verbal instruction and compiled manuals of domestic and herbal remedies.

    The nurses of Rochester changed the world of nursing in 100 year ago.

    Student nurses at the Presbyterian Hospital School of Nursing were required to take 48 hours of nutrition cookery as a part of their nursing education.

    From the US Military's Office of Medical History: African American nurses served in the Army nurse corps in world War I. They were never sent overseas, however, because of logistics issues associated with creating segregated quarters and work areas.

    Nurses assisting at osteotomy for genu-valgum, Bellevue Hospital, New York, 1890s.

    A looking at nursing and medical history: A nurse stands with a Navy doctor and corpsman in a ward scene of the 1930s

    Student nurses in Multnomah County Hospital observe surgeons as they are performing surgery on a patient. Photo taken circa 1945

    Pan American emergency hospital nurses 1901

    A nurse educator demonstrates the use of an iron lung with a polio patient to other nurses in 1958. Nurse uniforms originally resembled maids uniforms to designate a subservient nature, but they were changed in the late 20th century to a more professional, independent look.

    Nurses and doctors assist patients with polio in an iron ward during a 1950s polio epidemic.

    Once Upon A Time In War - nurse comforts patient in hospital during WWI.

    A doctor, a nurse, and other healthcare professionals surround a patient receiving eye treatment at the Philadelphia General Hospital, 1902. From the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing.

    These are the nurses at the pediatric ward of the Bellevue Hospital in New York. Photo taken in 1900. (Courtesy of Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of American History)

    Johns Hopkins Hospital School of Nursing, class of 1893 All credits go to Johns Hopkins Hospital

    This 1951 Railroader magazine cover shows an armed forces blood procurement train car.

    Nurse at Tacoma Hospital giving care to a young patient, circa 1920s

    From the U.S. Department of Defense: Flight nurse Captain Irene Wiley prepares medicine for one of her patients aboard a C-54 "Skymaster" air evacuation plane en route from Okinawa to Formosa.

    Nurse in the interior of a railway carriage, most likely in the WWII era (please check source)

    Like in World War II, women nurses were set up to work in combat zones. Throughout World War II and the Korean War, many women were taken as prisoners of war and many sustained casualties from enemy fire. Here, a nurse aids a victim of the Korean War.

    February 24, 1954: The first mass vaccination of children began in Pittsburgh. [WQED] Photo: Jonas Salk and a nurse administer vaccine, c. 1955

    Army Nurse Corps 2nd Lieutenant Frances Bullock applies a dressing to a wounded soldier’s hand in a field hospital (1943)

    Nursing students learning from a projector in 1972. This photo is from the Middlewood Hospital in Sheffield, UK

    Canadian medical doctor and Red Cross nurse examine a child patient, February 5, 1946.

    Nurse training in history. A student nurse aides the doctor in a gastric analysis. From 1942

    Volunteer Turkish nurses helping to heal the wounded soldiers in World War I, 1914.