Make it happen

the little things...

my new life motto

Never Giving Up.

Living a little does not mean going out and partying every weekend. It's not dating every person possible, it's not about how many calls and texts you get. Living is being happy, smiling at a stranger, sharing a beautiful moment with friends. Because in the end, the question is not how much are you loved, it's how much did you love?

❤❤❤ Dont do anything for the sake of "looking good " in the eyes of another person.... Do it because it's the right thing to do 👍😍❤❤❤It's amazing what you can accomplish if you don't care who gets the credit.

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Oh there's sunshine, blessed sunshine, where the peaceful, happy moments roll <3

Amazing things will happen

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I would use this with my clients who are seeking couples counseling by having them write down things in their relationships they would like to let go of. We would discuss each item they would like to let go and after sessions of working through those issues we would tie them to the balloons or write them on the gallons and release the balloon. "Let it go"

Work big.

Make It Happen.

constantly challenge yourself // #quote

Live every day of your life like it is a special occasion.

It is a Slow process but I am taking on every challenge with the best attitude I can!!! God Is guiding me!

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