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"Lisa Bonet style inspiration" by slounis on Polyvore

Lisa Bonet

Jet Magazine, back in the day. I remember this coming every week to my Grandma's house

Lisa Bonet, photographed by Francesco Scavullo for Harper’s Bazaar, September 1986. Clothing by Michael Kors.

Emma Watson is so pretty! harrycrowder: Emma Watson, photographed by Harry Crowder.

The prettiest girl, if you ask me.

Lisa Bonet | Lisa Bonet – Cosby Time Warp | lifestyles of the rich and pathetic

Debbie Gibson and Alyssa Milano-I loved Debbie Gibson..I had her cassette! And I grew up watching "Whose the Boss"

Don't tell this to anyone but... I love the sweater! Alyssa Milano: Champion Of '90s Style

90s platform shoes remember these?


Lady Miss Kier in the rockin adidas track suit.

Lady Miss Kier with baby tee and platform sneakers

Lady Miss Kier

Vintage Lady Miss Kier

Lady miss kier

Lady Miss Kier.

lady miss kier

Lady Miss Kier

lady miss kier ♥

Lady Miss Kier = Dee-Lite old skool

Lady Kier Kirby from Deee-lite

Love lady miss kier from deee-lite!!

Monthly Muse: The Deee-liteful Lady Miss Kier!

Wylona Hayashi Gallery