Sacred, James St James and Richie Rich

Boy George and Leigh Bowery

Club Kids : Walt Paper

That's the vogue attitude baby! @Naomi Francois Francois Francois Lord

Party Monster James St. James & Michael Alig

Michael Alig - Party Monster macauley culken was brilliant in the film!!!

Sharon Needles

Michael Alig, James st James, Chris Comp, Amanda LePore, all amazing club kids!!

Richie Rich - NYC club kids 'originals'

club kids

Michael Alig, Club Kid and convicted murderer in a series of photos by Village Voice photographer Catherine McGann. Alig was convicted of the murder of Angel Melendez and is the subject of the book "Party Monster" by James St. James. Alig was portrayed by actor Macauley Culkin in the film of the same name.

Richie Rich and 90's Club Kids

The wildest styles in the world are found at Burning Man. Anything goes. In a five minute stretch, you might see 1700s formal wear with powdered wig, superhero spandex and cape, clown gear with stilts


James St. James and Richie Rich at Limelight, 1993.

James St. James, just one bump

April 1991: L-R: Club Kids Ernie Glam, MIchael Alig (curly blonde wig), James St. James (in sunglasses) and friend (holding a chicken) pose for a photo at a party for actress Donna Douglas, best known for portraying Ellie May Clampett on "The Beverly Hillbillies" TV show, at Limelight nightclub in New York City, New York. (Copyright 2010 Catherine McGann/ All Rights Reserved).

Leader of the club kids, James St. James