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  • Monica Hurst

    Boy Mom Tip #2 (from the MOB Society) Let your boys be strong. The world needs more men who aren't afraid to take a stand.

  • Cathron Dodrill

    Boy Mom Tip #2 (from the MOB Society) It takes a brave Mom to Strong boys!

  • Araceli Kemmer

    How to Make Korker Hair Bows

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Totally loving this quote today. So true, boys are supposed to be rough and full of adventure. Get down and dirty with him, it's much more fun if you play in the mud puddles with him! :)

Boy Mom Tip #1 (from the MOB Society)

So true! It makes me laugh that this gives the indication we stop working when they go down. My experience was at least another good 2 hours of work was left for me after that, lol.

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Love this, going to go home and do it to one of my pics :)

shel silverstein little boy baby mother. I absolutely love this poet/author. He has a way with words.

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Best Mom Ever… so doing this someday!!!!

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You know, this is true. I'm all "my life is so hard" but seriously, my six year old thinks I'm freaking Superwoman for the things he sees me do every day. I love that. I hear him bragging about the things I did when my husband comes home and I think it's just so sweet. Those are important values he's learning, too. ♥