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    Crinipellis Perniciosa Mushroom

    Coral fungi

    Cordyceps Fungus - A Cordyceps fungus has attacked this butterfly and grown through the entire body, finally causing its death. White tubes emerge to spread the spores, which then infect other butterflies. Madidi National Park, Bolivia

    ✯ November Rogue River Oregon ..Wild mushrooms in Oregon off the side of the road ~by TravelsThruTheUniverse✯ Shaggy Mane fungi is my number 1 favorite edible of the almost 30 wilds I've tried!

    Sparassis, Cauliflower Mushroom

    Group of Pholiota sp. mushrooms in fallen log at Limerick Forest

    Small Green and Yellow Spore Pod dkruegerbotanicart

    the Lactarius indigo, the Indigo Milk Mushroom

    Lactarius indigo Indigo Milky Mushroom

    LOLWUT? Apparently Human-Shaped Mushrooms Exist

    Puccinia monoica 'Rust Fungus'

    double mushroom

    giant fungus is among us.

    **Aniseed toadstool (Clitocybe odora) - By Javier Fuentes

    Yellow Slime Mold ~ By *indojo

    Clitocybe nebularis shrooms on shrooms

    Comb Tooth Fungus (Hericium Coralloides)

    Silverleaf Fungus (Chondrostereum purpureum) ~ By Jerzy Opioła


    Boletus campestris

    Polycephalomyces tomentosus sur Metatrichia vesparium | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    Boletus pulcherrimus


    Hairy Trumpet Mushroom (Panus fasciatus) ~ By Ken Beath