magic black tree

Omg.... The people who Meade these superb-and-unbelievably-awesome-street-arts should get a award... Those people truly worth it.....

Street Art

Miss Bugs, 'Cut Out + Fade Out', London

Graffiti by Smates in In Brussels, Belgium

Street art. #streetartLOVE

street art by DMC in Dublin, Ireland

i thought this was a really good example of public art. its obviously in the public, so anyone can view it, but it also has a controversial aspect to it which is something we've mentioned as a quality that public art possesses


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I wish all trees looked like this

street art one of my favorite things-art out of no-where everywhere

Amazing Street art


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STREET ART UTOPIA » We declare the world as our canvas

Big Ben street art, "Il funambolo" Lyon, France

street art Another brick in the wall - In Gorzow, Poland

colorful art door

This needs to be a large scale street art mural, #ArtforArt artist: Vassia Alaykova #art #streetart @Tracy Street Art Lovers

Little Red Riding Hood #street art #grafitti