The "Who is Watching You" lamp by Peter Simonik. Another example of form + function = design.

Dieter Rams' "Ten principles for Good Design"

Cacti Coasters by designer Clive Roddy is a clever way to store your coasters when they’re not in use.

"Honey, I'm Home: Modular Keychain Organization System" (article), on dornob. I need this in my life.

3d модели: Столы - Hanako coffee table by Vito Selma

Transforming Chair Lets You Rest In Different Positions For Maximum Comfort

Pencil wheel, because ruler is too mainstream.. - LOL, Damn!

Designer Libero Rutilo of DesignLibero, has created a unique way to give life back to used plastic water bottles. His idea was to create a 3D printed sculptural vase exterior, that can be placed over the top of a water bottle, and can be screwed on like a cap.

URBAN OASIS urban gardening kits by Andrea Mangone. Pin curated by #SFields99 #packaging #design

Alessio Romano Designs Scissors Hidden As A Decorative Object Product Design #productdesign

LIBRA, Premium Gin by Ivan Pajares, via Behance #taninotanino

Juan Restrepo has taken two of the most commonly used kitchen tools and given them a sleek makeover with variations in high-end materials like black ebony and light hardwood to compliment your designer kitchen style.

The Memobottle is an ingenious, environmentally-friendly, PBA-free plastic, re-usable water bottle that is NOT cylindrical, but instead is a slim, flat shape that will smartly tuck right into your laptop bag, messenger bag or schoolbag. And it comes in recycled packaging.

25 Fantastic Package Designs | From up North

Porcelain bowls designed by Geraldine de Beco for Bernardaud in France. When the bowls are filled with a liquid, the image of an animal is formed (cat, dove, wolf). These are bowls, but I would love a mug like this!

PrepServe multifunctional bowl by JosephJoseph

Black Jasmine Aroma Diffuser // the ultra-sonic technology blends essential oil and water together to create a fine mist that fills the room for up to 24 hours #product_design

Sweeper and dustpan by Jan Kochanski, I wish it was made from steel and not injection-molded plastic…