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    97 will walk FREE. Join us in the fight for justice and end sexual violence! #rape #statistics

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    • Arielle Hudak

      Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Pass it along! This is what kills me about our rape culture. For those of is that Speak up and do something and the system tells us they can't do anything and still have to undergo all the violating tests. These numbers need to be HIGHER. More raspiest need to see punishment for what they did! We need justice!

    • Johnson John

      "Modern world needs philanthropists working for #genderequality & #vaw too" - @indiandrifter10 #feminism #genderequity #violenceagainstwomen

    • Women's Coalition of St. Croix

      Between 300,000 to 1.3 million American women are raped every year. At least 54% of these rapes are not reported and 97% of rapists are never incarcerated. Source:RAINN #SexualAssault

    • Bethel

      April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. See more here: Not a perfect graphic; it's been shown that most rapes are committed by people who commit multiple rapes. So no, it's not as simple as 97 will walk free... but 97 rapes will not lead to the rapist in prison. Sobering.

    • Jemima Puddleduck

      Out of every 100 rapes: 46 get reported to police, 12 lead to an arrest, 9 get prosecuted, 5 lead to a felony conviction, 3 rapists will spend even a single day in prison. The other 97 will walk free. Courtesy of RAINN.

    • Danielle Yearack

      It took me 6 months of intensive therapy to finally go to the police about being the victim of rape and sodomy. He walks free. I've received threats from speaking out. Knowing he's walking free, a criminal, who should be in prison for assaulting me and likely other women is the real crime. One day my justice will be served. One day.

    • Aimee Olson

      ...97 will walk FREE... Join us in the fight for justice and end sexual violence!

    • Sessha Kaelar-Straw

      Out of every 100 rapes 97 walk free. This needs to CHANGE! :( So unacceptable.

    • Layla DeLoach

      The NFL has a domestic violence problem. But America's is worse. - The Week

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    Finally, Date Rape Ads That Put The Onus On The Rapist | Buzzfeed #rape_culture

    Sexual Assault is not a dirty little secret- it's an epidemic. Sexual Assault isn't about sex- it's about power and control. Sexual Assault is never deserved and never wanted. Speak out; respect your partner.

    Educate yourself on Sexual Assault Statistics and be inspired to do something to change this epidemic!

    True. And, in analysis of media accounts,'s usually in the passive voice...s/he was raped rather than he raped her. The focus *should* be on the actor lest we forget that the best way to stop rape is to not do it.

    Domestic Violence | #infographics made in Piktochart

    Take action against sexual violence

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    How Police Caught The Cop Who Allegedly Sexually Abused 8 Black Women Prosecutors say Officer Daniel Holtzclaw made a mistake after a series of sexual assaults on black women in Oklahoma City — he profiled the wrong woman. His family says he’s a victim of “solicited testimony” from women who have “personal motives” to lie. BuzzFeed News reports from the Oklahoma County courtroom where, Wednesday, prosecutors described a pattern of sexual harassment and assault.

    Rape Sign

    Real talk about rape. #Feminism #Rape


    Domestic Violence.


    imagine the transformative potential of responding to sexual assault differently. I am working for the day where this is how the media handles sexual assault reports.

    Is it ok to rape me now?

    Sexual Abuse happens across the country, but did you know that victims of sexual abuse are 26 more likely to Abuse Drugs and Substances. This fact and many other can be seen on our amazing infographic. It covers the four types of sexual abuse, statistics for both males and females sexual abuse victims, and common examples of what is considered sexual abuse.

    RAPE STATS: Facts about rape in the United States

    April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Chances are you know someone who's been raped. We need to get rid of the shame associated with that word.

    Poster, "Don't Be That Guy" campaign, by SAVE (Sexual Assault Voices of Edmonton), Edmonton, Alberta, 2012