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One of the "tuberous" Drosera (Sundew). so beautiful when the light hit's the "dew". This species dies back every summer & then puts a new shoot out in the autumn (so the plant is dormant at the time when water is scarce) Unfortunately this makes them rather difficult to grow, but well worth it if you can.

Drosera madagascariensis - a really nice sundew, and relatively easy to grow. This species forms a visible stem up to several inches in length. This plant was raised from a leaf cutting using the ‘water float’ method.

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Carnivorous Plants Sundew

I like the idea of creating vine like features that drape from my Triffid costumes to increase their size and make the movement of them less rigid. This plant demonstrates an interesting texture that I can use to develop my textiles ideas. "drosophyllum lusitanicum- carnivorous plant."

Seeds - Drosera Regia (King Sundew) - 1 Packet incl 5 Seeds (Seeds Only)

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Sundew: Drosera [Family: Droseraceae]