• Yesenia Rodriguez

    Pitbull mommie, and look at that little puppy face!!

  • Shannon Hernandez

    pit bulls, such a misunderstood breed, just like German Dhepherds and Rottweilers and Doberman Pinschers! My little girl looks like a bruiser, nut is the first to hide when she hears something! And she could never sneak up on you either! I love her! Just like the smallest to largest breed itatters how they are raised, and how you respect them and their territory as a stranger!

  • Danielle Sybert

    .how could you look at those eyes and see a "bad dog"

  • Noelle Alexis Olszewski

    This beautiful pitbull... Pitbulls are such beautiful and SWEET animals, don't believe the bad rep they get!!!

  • Ellie Mai

    Pit Bull puppy looking up to his Mother. Great dogs

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