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One Time Throughfrom One Time Through

10 Ways to Discipline Without Controlling Our Kids

Positive parenting techniques for disciplining kids without controlling them through punishment or rewards. {One Time Through} #parenting

This company will craft a real toy from a child's drawing. Absolutely AMAZING!! Some day I will be happy I pinned this

Mama Naturalfrom Mama Natural

How to Raise a Low Media Child (Without Going Insane

Great post about how to raise a low-media child without going insane. Superb tips on setting up your child's play environment to encourage independent, creative, exploratory play. And awesome quote: "Active toys make passive kids. Passive toys make active kids."

In The Playroomfrom In The Playroom

135 Book Recommendations for Toddlers

Not only is this a great list of books but, they're primarily sturdy board books which any parent of a toddler can confirm can be important when reading with toddlers.

Passion for Savingsfrom Passion for Savings

FREE Apps for Kids

FREE Apps for Kids | 57 Free Disney Apps on iTunes

correct dosages for tylenol and ibuprofen. Good for new mommies to know. The hospital has the dosing charts for children

Imperfect Homemakerfrom Imperfect Homemaker

6 Things my Kids Are Not Allowed to Say to Adults

Do your kids respect authority? Here are some things you might not want to allow them to say to adults!

Find the Positive: "Hugging hands" instead of don't hit. "Walking feet" instead of don't run. Make up your own: "Whisper voice" instead of stop yelling. "Mommy's listening" for the whining times. "Love time" as a break when child is upset, fussy or clinging (then give your child attention and cuddles). Teach respect and proper communication techniques. Remember to keep your patience too :)

Kids Activities Blogfrom Kids Activities Blog

Surviving Sickness with Tablecloths, Jello, Lightbulbs & Sugar

All sorts of ideas for helping your child through a sickness. I didn't know the tip about Jello. will be glad i pinned this one day

the Better Momfrom the Better Mom

When Our Kids Have a Bad Day

Have you ever noticed your children don’t seem to recover from difficult days at quite the pace you’d expect? Its likely because they need some intentional guidance. Don’t miss an opportunity to learn how to help your children handle stress and conflict and be the support they need on the blog today.

40 ways to entertain your kids while lying down (when you're sick, pregnant, injured, etc) Every Mama needs a list like this. This will be for my migraine days. :(

How Does Shefrom How Does She

7 Natural Home Remedies

7 Secret Home Remedies when your kids are sick... Very neat!!

The Paleo Mamafrom The Paleo Mama

Alternative Vaccination Schedule: Is There a Safe Way

Vaccinating: Is There a Safe Way To Do It? - The Paleo Mama

Kids Activities Blogfrom Kids Activities Blog

Help Baby Sleep Through the Night - 20 Tips from Real Moms

Help Baby Sleep Through the Night - 20 Tips from Real Moms - Kids Activities Blog

I'm not committing to all of this, but it's still good advice... How to raise a bilingual child, great tips that anyone can follow

How to tell your children the truth about Santa. This made me tear up...what a beautiful mom! SAVE THIS FOR WHEN YOUR CHILDREN ASK. Adorable.