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relatives involved with the manufacturing, selling, and interstate transport of counterfeit hushpuppy shoes. aunt roberta, top, was the brains and ringleader of the illegal operation. aunt trudy was the tag-along as usual.

Lenore - "This poster was created from the original Police Department negative we own. Awesome, right?"

For some reason I found it appropriate to pin a mug shot of someone with poofy hair named Vera to your board...

I wanted to blow up a Mick Jagger mug shot into poster size but I can't find one that's hi res enough. He'll do, though. Mug shot poster from original police department negative, 1955.

Shame. (vintage mug shot) I have never been here.hahaha.

๑ Nineteen Fourteen ๑ historical happenings, fashion, art & style from a century ago - Mug shot -1914

Police mugshots from the 20's. It's quite amazing the freedom police officers took in ''framing'' felons.

Vintage Mugshots from the 1920s. Australia.