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Fun facts about your sign here

Couldn't begin to tell you what all my friends and I have gotten into and out of

Fun facts about your sign here

I don't know about never regret....sometimes being the brave one can definitely make you the unpopular one. But, I'd rather stand for something.

Now that can be true. But not always the case. Some things take time and work and commitment.

My downfall....but life seems to put it to the test

Very true for me. Feels like I'm in this mode a lot. Trying to break it

But I am afraid, and not everyone is against me. Many good people are behind me and with me.

Fun facts about your sign here

But I'm a I'll think it in my head and smile to your face

i'm pretty surprised as how accurate these traits can be :)

Fun facts about your sign here

Aries - Most of the time when they're getting upset; it's out of frustration for having to repeat themselves or dealing with ignorant people. #Aries

Ignore me as a mind game or cuz you really dont doesnt matter which cuz I wont stick around and try to get your attention... ill tire of it and go the other way fast..Honestly the worst thing you can do if you want to keep me around or keep me interested...

Everyone that drives should know when you are in someone's way that wants to go faster, if you'll let them pass by, they gone. Everybody Happy Happy Happy.

Fun facts about your sign here

Somewhat hot tempered, usually over it quickly & always like to nip things in the bud!

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Yepprs...So true....Butt sometimes you have to see or hear it...before you believe it of them....want to believe in the goodness and compassion of others....Butt

I don't always believe things about Zodiac signs, but this is actually very accurate of myself.

Yes sir! #cancer #cancerian

Apparently I have mixed zodiacs or something? Why does this sound like me?

Cancer Zodiac Sign have a weird way of knowing things before you even say anything.

All a Cancer wants to do is make you happy...

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