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Homemade Wallpaper Remover Spray {plus tutorial} : mix fabric softner with equal amounts of water. Remove top layer of wallpaper by peeling it off. Spray or roll onto walls to remove bottom layer of wallpaper. Clean walls, etc. very well afterwards, so paint will stick to walls. Going to have to try this trick.

The Best Way to Remove Wallpaper - learn how to get your walls perfectly clean and smooth.

WALL PAPER REMOVAL Into an empty gallon milk carton pour 1 cup ammonia, 1 cup liquid fabric softener, fill the rest with water. Shake, pour into a squirt bottle.squirt the wallpaper. If it's the really old kind just squirt it right on and let it soak a couple minutes. If it's the shiny "modern" kind just try to grab an edge and tear some of the shiny off, then squirt. Scrape it off!

how to remove wallpaper / i will be doing this in the house shortly. so many ugly borders...

This is a GREAT tutorial on removing wallpaper. Only thing I'd add is a chemical wallpaper remover instead of plain water

The best DIY wallpaper removal tutorial. Loved the before and after picture at the end!

50 uses for vinegar…who knew? | BabyCenter Blog

More wall paper removal tips in the comments

My first task for redecorating my bathroom is to remove the wallpaper border. I started doing this several years ago and gave up. So now I need to find a quicker and easier way. Maybe this blog article will help. #home decor #decorating

vinegar vs. DIF for wallpaper removal

Wallpapering with fabric - Boil 4 cups of water. Mix about 3/8 cup cornstarch with a little water in a small bowl until the powder is dissolved. Add the cornstarch mixture to the water slowly while stirring. Boil until thickened and then let it cool. This will peel off when you tire of it. No damage done.