who remembers disposable flash cubes??

film cartridge for a Kodak 110 camera

Yes - I had one! 110 camera

remember these?

Camera film ~ no kids we couldn't see the picture we had to WAIT first for the roll to be finished and then for it to be developed (sometimes this took MONTHS!!!)


These were our "Internet"- I would read about random stuff all the time.

Metal ice cube tray.

Remember these?

Yes..I remember :/

Remember when bottle caps were lined in cork?

1960s FOTOMAT DRIVE THRU Kodak Film Vintage Photo Advertisement by Christian Montone

Remember typewriter erasers?

WOW remember this?

"Flip-Flash" Shoot four pictures then flip it over to take four more! These were VERY HI-TECH back in the day!

Kodak Instamatic camera with flashcubes

Cartridge ink pens

Kodak Brownie cameras.

remember when

Do you remember camping with this? Yes, I do.

remember? It was the goal to make it's nose touch the floor!