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GARAGE LITTERBOX FOR INDOOR CATS: We did this when we moved in our home. Installed a cat flap door to the garage. Placed litter box in a thrift store dog cage (so kitty would not wander around a garage of chemicals and tools or run out when the garage door opened). She learned to use it immediately.

Cat-A-Comb Grooming Corner }} needed and liked as long as it doesn't take off the paint. great for home owners.. ruin a rental and it comes out of your security deposit E

hauspantherfrom hauspanther

Unbelievable Cat-friendly House Design from Japan

Turn your home into a feline wonderland by positioning different sized floating shelves at varying positions across your walls. A cheap alternative to a cat tree that kitty is sure to love.

Our version of a garage litter enclosure, thanks to the ideas I found right here on Pinterest! The cats enter from a cat door in the entryway. It's quite a success! Look for other versions right here on my Pet board.

- How It Works | :: hides and contains cat litter mess and keeps dogs and kids out of litter pan

Keep the litter box outside to cut down on odors and keep kitty litter from getting scattered in your house

Have your dogs kennel or your cats litter box in the garage. Just add a doggy door!! Genius! Diy

ThriftyFunfrom ThriftyFun

Installing a Pet Door

Installing a cat door is an easy home improvement project. They can be installed in just about any door in your house or even through the wall.


Smart Solution For An Indoor Cat: The Litter Garage

Cat door in the wall to your garage - litter box on the garage side. No more stinky litter box in the house!!

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