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    Nathan Fillion pro-actively is awesome to his fans at comic-con. I don't even need his autograph, I just love that he'll back me up!

    • Aly Noble

      Nathan Fillion is not only a handsome man, but a truly stand-up guy. He handed out these cards this past weekend at ComicCon to make sure that fans who approached him knew he cared even if his was unable to stop for them.

    • Paleo W

      According to the geek site nerdbastards, this business card was handed to fans at San Diego Comic-Con if they ran into Firefly star Nathan Fillion and he was unable to stop and chat or take a photo.

    • Colleen Sasser

      Nathan Fillion's Comic-Con Card that He Hands to Fans — GeekTyrant. Nathan Fillion is such a cool guy. Due to the fact that Fillion is busy as hell at Comic-Con, running from one meeting, interview and panel to another he created this awesome business card to hand out to fans at Comic-Con if he didn't have time to stop for a picture or autograph...

    • Kaitlin Woodson

      Good Guy Nathan Fillion Nathan Fillion handed out these cards at comic con to make sure that fans who approached him knew he cared even if he was unable to stop for them.

    • Timothy Artus

      Nathan Fillion. #nathanfillion #fans

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